How to Add Your Business To Google Maps

Do you know you can reach a million new audiences by sharing your business on Google maps? At the same time, over a billion people use Google Maps to search for local shops, stores, or restaurants. Isn’t it an excellent opportunity to attract genuine customers for your business? And who knows if your business rival is using the same trick to attract more customers.

Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? Well, the process is obviously not so. All you need is to set up a Google My Business account. Hence, before we learn to add your business on Google Maps, you should know what GMB is and its importance.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business, or GMB, is an online platform that helps you manage your business appearance on Google Maps. It is an absolutely free tool; you don’t have to be an expert to create your business profile. Anyone with a physical business address and basic information can open a GMB profile. 

However, having a GMB account is unnecessary to show your business on Google Maps. But it can help you gain more visibility in the local search results. And you can also optimize your profile according to your business type, which can boost your sales. 

Why Google My Business is Important 

GMB is crucial if you want to reach a broad audience base for your business. We’ve listed down some essential vital facts about GMB.

  • Improves your local SEO ranking: 

Once you complete your GMB listing with the needed information and start optimizing your profile, you’ll see the result yourself. In addition, an up-to-date business listing can enhance your profile’s local SEO ranking. 

  • Leaves positive first impressions: 

Having a business profile on Google can directly impress your customer. Yes, the results matter when a customer searches for a particular type of nearby shop or store. It shares a positive first impression on the customer’s mind for a long time. 

  • It makes your business trustworthy & reliable: 

Google has set an example in gaining people’s trust. Most Google users trust it to find any information, no matter what. Hence, an established Google Business profile can make your business outlook more reliable and trustworthy. 

  • With GMB, update your business profile anytime: 

Adding your business on Google can help you gain a lot of audiences. But if you update your business range or type, you can add it to your online business profile anytime. What’s more, you don’t need any supervisor or advisor to do it; you can simply do it on your own.

  • Can attract customers through product or service images: 

In your GMB profile, you can add several attractive photos or videos of your product to lure customers. Businesses or shops with lucrative images or service details can increase the chance of getting more visitors to your shop. 

  • Can help you gain credibility for your business: 

You can urge your customers to share a good review of your business by providing good customer service. And a good, positive review of your business on Google can help you gain people’s trust. As a result, you can have a boost in your sale. 

  • Can have direct customer interaction:

Customers who want to connect with you after visiting your profile can message you directly. For instance, if someone is confused about your service, they can ask you by calling or sending a mail. 

How to Add Your Business to Google Maps 

Now, let’s learn the basic steps of how to add your business on Google. 

Go to Google My Business

1. First, go to Google My Business and sign in. If you don’t have a Google account, you can create one anytime. 

2. Then click on “Add your business to Google.” 

Create your profile 

3. Now enter your business name and similarly choose the category of your business type. 

4. Up next, you must confirm if you want to add any location your customers can visit. If you want to share your area, click “yes.” 

Set up Google My Business profile

5. Then, on the next page, add your address. Please note that the address you will provide is the same as everywhere. A single difference can affect your profile value. 

6. Then, you have to click “yes” if you visit or deliver to your customers. You can also specify the area you cover. 

7. After you’ve done all these, now, you can add your contact details, like a phone number or website address. 

Verifying your listing

8. After completing the procedure, Google will verify your business profile by sending a verification code. This code usually comes in 12 days after completing the process via postcard. Note that Google Maps won’t show your business if you don’t complete the verification process. 

Now customize your profile.

If you have already completed your verification process, you can now customize your profile. This process might vary depending on your business type; you can skip it if not relatable.  

Manage Google my business profile| Digi marketing Tech

9. Add the opening time of your business or shop or store. Again, keep it matching with your regular schedule, as customers can visit your shop after searching on Google. 

10. Next, turn on the ‘Chat’ option if you want to communicate with your customers through Google. In case you can’t manage it, keep turning off this option. 

11. Next, you can add a short yet engaging business description to let people know more about you and your services. 

12. Then, the most engaging part, you can add your shop or store’s photo to attract more customers. Moreover, this will strengthen your business profile and the services you offer. 


After customizing your profile, you can use your Google My Business dashboard. You can use it if you want to change anything in the future.

For now, your profile is ready. Your business profile will show up if you search by its name. However, if you want to rank in searches like “restaurants near me” or “boutiques near me,” you’ve to work on your local SEO. 

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Importance of Adding Your Business to Google Maps 

Adding your business location to Google Maps can increase sales and drive actual customers to your door. Moreover, a strong online presence in Google Maps can outshine your rivals in the competition. 

Hence, let’s learn it in detail. 

  • Google Maps is an excellent option if you want to search for nearby stores or shops. Furthermore, with the given information like opening time and other essential information, customers get an idea of the overall shop. 
  • An established Google presence can help you manage your online reputation. Customers who are happy with your service can give your profile a good rating, which matters significantly in online marketing. 
  • Google Maps is used vastly by many users for different purposes, including direction checking. And while checking the direction of a place, a customer might notice your shop and seek some help. 
  • Creating your business profile on Google can assure you that you are among the searches on Google. Hence, there’s no option to be left behind by technology and digital marketing. 
  • According to some research, more than 49% of people use Google to search for new brands. Hence, you can not lose this opportunity to be one of those top searches on Google. 


Adding your business to Google Maps is not a complicated process. However, what you must do earnestly is to manage your business profile regularly. In addition, you should connect with your customers to keep an active business profile. We hope our guide on “how to add your business to Google Maps” can help you achieve your goals.

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