How to add business to google | Google My Business

Are you wondering how to add your business to Google? Well, then, you’re in the right place to get the answer.

Creating Google Business Profile or Google My Business is very simple if you follow certain procedures. To know the processes of adding your business to google, go through this article head to toe. This article elaborates on all the essential details you need to know to create your GMB profile without making mistakes. 

But before creating a GMB Profile, you should know what it is and its benefits. Google, being one of the widely used search engines, holds 93% of the search engine market. All sorts of businesses are currently enlisted in Google to attract many potential audiences. It’s a great platform to add a business profile and attract customers by making a significant appearance.

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What is Google My Business Profile?

Google Business Profile, aka GMB profile, is a free business listing. It enables small or big businesses to make an established digital appearance. Here it offers options to provide your business-related details, like photographs of your business, location, services, reviews, and all.

Since Google is currently the most popular search engine, creating a profile on this platform is a great way to enhance the visibility of your shop, company, or organization. This will make your business appear across Google’s Services like Search, Maps, and shopping.

However, only businesses with physical appearances can create Google Business Profile. It means businesses having offline contact with customers in a physical location can be enlisted. This includes businesses with customer meeting services like cafés, restaurants, stores, etc. Although for online-based businesses, there are also tools like Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Importance of Google My Business profile

There are a good many reasons why you should have a Google Business Profile to grow your business digitally-

To get visibility across Google’s services.

No matter what your expectation is, foot traffic or web traffic, Google is the key to everything. Creating a GMB profile allows you to reach vast audiences beyond geographical boundaries. Your Google Business Profile will let people find your store, cafe, or else while searching for products or services related to yours. And your business will appear in Google’s searches, Maps, and other services.

The details and address in your Business Profile will help customers to get in touch with you by tracing your location and contact. The Google Business Profile also works as a local SEO and helps to grow the business locally.

To manage online business details.

GMB profile allows you to manage and update your business-related information, contact details, working hours, and other essential things whenever you need to. It’s one of the most impactful platforms to update your business information in the digital sphere.

It allows you to post updates related to your business upgrading and whereabouts. For example, Google Business Profile lets you mention your service expansion and when it will remain closed and reopen. In addition, due to the impact of local SEO, google maps will show your appearance in your place and nearby areas, making your presence firmer in your locality. And if you keep your information up to date in your GMB profile, you may rank higher.

To earn credibility in your service through reviews.

Reviews and feedback are essential to make a business successful offline and online. They are the most critical elements to earning credibility in your service and building trust among your customers. Thanks to Google, its star rating and review posting section allows customers to share thoughts about their experiences with your business. And it eventually helps to gain potential customers in the future.

But keep in mind that there can also be negative reviews alongside positive reviews. It can be complicated at times if your service can’t satisfy your customers. Therefore, you must always be considerate about your business. But don’t get scared; google maintains both positive and negative reviews in an arranged order.

How to add your business to Google

1. Sign in to a Google Account

First, sign in to a Google account. This is basically creating the Gmail account. And if you already have one, you can use it instead.  Now let’s go further with the next steps to add your business profile on Google.

2. Log in to your Google Account

After creating the account, log in to your Google Account. Now go to Google’s Business Profile section. And click on “Manage Now” to add your business details. 

3. Add your Business details

Here a drop-down menu will appear where you need to enter the name and category of your business. If it doesn’t appear on your screen, click “add your business to Google” and follow the next steps. First, enter the name of your business or company. Then select the category of your business and click on next.

4. Enter your business location

If your business has a physical location where customers can visit, click on “yes.” After selecting yes, you may be asked to add your business address or position a marker on Google maps for it. When done, click on next.

Specify your service area if your business doesn’t have a physical location. Google allows users to add up to 20 service areas. 

5. Enter your contact information details

Now add the contact information of your business. Enter your business phone number and website address so customers can connect with you for your service or product. If you don’t have a website, you have the option to create one here based on your information. When done adding contact details, click on finish.

6. Verify your Google Business profile

Before clicking on “verify,” review the information thoroughly. To get verified by Google, you need to get a postcard by mail for a business with a physical location. For service-based businesses without a location, verification is done through email. You can also choose “verify later” if you need more time. 

When you get the code of five digits to verify your business account, go for verification. Enter the code and click on “verify.” Once verification is done, you will get a confirmation.

Ways to optimize Google Business profile

To optimize your Business Profile, follow the following steps and set your business on top.

  • Add all necessary elements to your profile to make it complete. A complete Google Business is very important to attract audiences.
  • Your business location details must be correct and verified. If you have skipped verifying it earlier, verify it quickly.
  • Use keywords to increase the visibility of your business profile. Include them in your business description to improve the ranking factor.
  • Add an attractive logo and a cover photo to your Business Profile. Also, use images to show more of your brand, team works, services, products, etc.
  • Ask for your customer’s reviews, and reply with sincerity when you get them. It will increase the credibility of your business. Reviews are also crucial for search rankings.
  • Always keep your GMB profile updated. Do mention when you are off or if something new is happening.
  • Use the attributes provided by Google for better relevance. According to your business, use the suitable ones that go well.
  • Add products if you sell them. Products added to your profile can get showcased on Google shopping.
  • Make use of Google’s marketing tools you get access to through your Business profile and make the best out of it.


Once you are done with everything, manage your GMB profile professionally. From here, you can manage your business in the digital sphere and keep it updated. You can now manage reviews, create Google ads, update information, and more on your own.

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