Top 10 Guest Blogging Techniques to Boost Traffic

Are you sure your blog is getting the right amount of traffic that you should get? Or, are you satisfied with the results of your unlimited days of hard work? If not, don’t worry. With the help of guest blogging techniques, you can beat up your current situation. In simple terms, it will help you get traffic to your website, attract your audience, and will help boost your SEO ranking. 

Guest blogging techniques are an excellent marketing tool. It also helps earn backlinks to increase your SEO ranking. However, it is not as simple as you think. Hence, your first priority is creating unique and creative blogs to shine in the crowd of millions of articles. But before knowing anything else, let’s find out what Guest Blogging is.  

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is the process by which a writer or freelancer from one company publishes content on a different company’s website. The blogs or websites that accept these blog posts feature the details by which organization this particular post has been submitted. 

Guest Blogging is generally used to strengthen the online presence of their blog, create positive backlinks, and promote their brand awareness. Henceforth, it is a practice that gives mutual benefits to both parties in gaining recognition, whether from a reputable website or from a well-expert writer.

Top Ten Guest Blogging Techniques To Boost Traffic

I’m sure you’ve gained basic knowledge about guest blogging. Now let’s focus on the most important part and purpose of the guest blogging techniques. Here in this article, we’ll discuss the top ten guest blogging techniques to boost your website traffic. 

1. Know your Audience

The first step for almost any kind of online business marketing starts with the audience. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you do; knowing your target audience is the first priority for all. However, to know your target audience, you must know who your customers are. 

You have to do very well research to find out about their gender, age, preferences, location, and other crucial demographics. In addition, keeping an eye on what kind of platforms they frequently visit will also help you know your customers more. Knowing where your customers spend their most time will help you know where to promote your blogs and a lot.   

2. Be Unique & Creative 

There are thousands of posts people release every day. But your creative power and uniqueness make your post different from others. Especially in today’s world, where the competition is high and intense, you’ve to stand out among a crowd of millions. 

Firstly, if you are new in this field, you should write in a simple yet effective and brief way to impress your audience. But determining what to write is way more crucial before starting to write. Understanding what people like to read and what interests them can help you find your answer. 

Thereafter, You can write attractive headlines and simple & detailed content by telling interesting stories to get attention. 

3. Adopt an Impressive & Clear Pitch

Target where you want to publish your blog and make a short yet impressive pitch. Remember, most editors don’t have time to read a long, boring pitch. So make it simple and clear. And as they receive hundreds of pitches every day, yours will get chosen is quite tough. 

So, give close attention to your pitching style and make it effortlessly impressive. Here are some tips to help you out in this kind of situation: 

  • You can start by introducing yourself 
  • An attractive and brief introduction of what your website is all about
  • Make it clear about the purpose of submitting your email and your interest in the collaboration of the guest blogging technique
  • You can mention your achievements if any
  • Pitch the topic of your subject 
  • Give a reasonable explanation of why readers will read your article
  • Attach the file or link when it’s done 

4. Consider your Keywords 

An article can be considered useless if it doesn’t attract any viewers. Hence, choosing keywords and adding them perfectly to the article is quite important. You can ask your partner regarding the keywords if they will provide them or not.

 If they can not provide you with the keywords, you can use the relevant keywords needed for your guest post. It will make the work a lot easier for the editor if you have already optimized your article. And optimizing your article on search engines will draw more traffic, increasing the chances of your article getting selected. 

However, though keywords can increase the visibility of your post on SERPs and can attract organic traffic, loading your article with excessive keywords can harm your hard work.

5. Aim for high-end Publications 

Always look out for high-end publications with at least a score of 50 in the domain authority. Getting selected on these high-profile websites offers many opportunities if you just started your blogging. The backlinks you’ll get from these websites will help you build your own authority on your website. 

However, the bigger the publication, the hard it will become for you to be accepted by them. But you can always enhance your quality to be accepted by them. In addition, you can find out what your competitors are doing and where they publish their guest blogs.

 You can figure out the needed information on their social media pages or in their websites’ newsrooms. Many tools can help you get a clear analysis of what kind of keywords they are using. 

6. Pick up Relevant Topics 

Topics are important for your blog posts. Hence, the topics you’ll choose will likely affect the audacity of your work. And the most essential part of choosing a topic is that you have to understand what your audiences are interested in. If you conquer in creating an impression that your posts are likely for what they are looking for and your expertise in the field, you can get the attention of a large crowd. Therefore, start looking at what kind of topics your designated publications have released in the past few months. Hopefully, you’ll get an idea in your further works. 

7. Add a Strong CTA 

Adding a powerful CTA (call-to-action) to grab your readers’ attention will increase your success rate. Including them in your blog posts can help them learn more about you. But it isn’t necessary to add CTAs to your homepage. You can directly link them to your landing page, where they can get all their necessary information. Additionally, engaging with your audiences by answering their queries or feedback will help you a lot. Just don’t forget to maintain the bonding with them.

8. Balance your Backlinks

Backlinks can help you achieve your goals at a faster speed. But adding backlinks to your blog post is a very crucial step. You can add up to one or two backlinks in your post to redirect the audience to your website. Hence, place the backlink in your most popular blog post, service page, or your homepage. 

However, placing your backlinks can be a little tricky if you put them in the wrong place. And can get penalized by google for misplacing them. So, balance your backlinks to get a fine result. And pour your expertise into your article to get new readers and customers.

9. Master in SEO skills 

SEO is one of the central important things in any field of digital marketing. At first, it can look a lot difficult to practice and acquire, but gradually you can master it with your skills. And to make your blog a reasonable and valuable competition, you have to know at least the basics. 

Although, it is now clear that good content is what makes it a most valuable one. You can get your desired information from Google to help you out in this situation. However, never forget that if your content is great, Google will do the rest to make your work recognizable.

10. Maintain Regularity in Promoting your Post 

Promoting your post daily to show support for the publication can be beneficial for your image. You can promote your guest post by providing a link from your website or can upload the direct link on your social media or email. You can promote it based on your skills of sharing. Don’t forget to add your gratitude towards the publisher when promoting on social media. 


Guest blogging has proved to be an effective way to gain traffic. But it is a time-consuming process that needs proper strategy and hard work. Hence, make sure to work smartly and diligently to achieve an exceptional result. 

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