Importance of Video Marketing in 2023

Yes, it’s an era of video marketing. Nowadays, video content is in high demand in digital marketing. Hence, the importance of video marketing is undeniable.

Most users search for direct video content to get their answers promptly and practically. So, if you really want to survive as a digital marketer or creator in this age, you must give importance to video marketing. 

To tell you the truth, there are a lot of reasons why you should focus on video marketing. Not only because of the user’s ongoing demand but also for SEO and your digital outreach. Moreover, to stand firmly in the market’s uncertainty, video marketing could be a powerful tool for you. 

Importance of Video Marketing in 2023 with Honest Reasons

Here are the reasons why you should invest your time and mind in video marketing. Let’s know them first and then decide whether you still want to avoid such a dynamic chance or not.

Helps to build trust magnificently with audiences

Building trust is most important in any kind of marketing or relationship. And video marketing is very crucial for audience engagement. Videos help to demonstrate your ideas just how you want them to reach your target audiences. They perfectly deliver your message directly to your audiences and connect them with your brand.

Most of all, videos engage audiences faster than any other medium. People understand video-based content quickly, so it is easy to trigger their emotions this way to connect with them. 

Just think about how YouTubers are powerful social media influencers nowadays and how they are connected with their audiences. So, use video marketing to communicate with your target audience and build trust between you two.

People easily understand your products/ services

Video marketing is the best way to make your audiences understand your service or product. In fact, if you look at customers’ preferences, they also prefer watching a video to go through other forms of content. So, it’s better to explain in videos how your services or products can be helpful for your customers.

When customers are investing so much time in videos, use this opportunity and make a series of videos of what you are offering. For example, try making short animated or explainer videos rather than presenting something on several pages.

You can even add an explainer video on your home page to let visitors know what you provide. And while explaining a tricky concept, you can make animated videos since you can add many things to animation. But first, understand your audiences and what they like the most, animations or videos.

Video marketing helps to sell better

Yes, video sells better because videos are engaging and easy to understand. Researchers say many users who watch explainer videos about a product or service mostly buy that. Even big brands realize videos boost conversions and sales and are investing in video marketing campaigns.

Since vision dominates us the most, videos are powerful tools to attract customers and sell. Watching a video helps customers be sure about a particular product or service, leading to the purchasing decision. So, this is how video marketing can help you sell better.

If image optimization can generate traffic, and boost conversions and sales, imagine what video marketing can do. So, start by adding videos to your landing pages and hopefully convert general traffics into potential customers.

Search Engines value videos a lot

Mostly everyone loves videos. And search engines love them as well. Not to mention video-watching platforms, even if you put a video inside a page, the chances of ranking on SERPs get higher. You can analyze Google search results and their video preferences to understand better. Or even pop-up video ads and how they work.

Video marketing helps SEO by engaging your audiences and helping you rank on top of SERPs. So, optimize your videos on platforms like YouTube and others for better SEO. Also, write engaging titles to attract audiences.

Mobile users love videos

Mobile users spend a lot of their daily time watching videos. This reason alone makes proof of the importance of video marketing. And if you see through, you’ll find more demand for quality videos in them. 

Since people love to watch videos on phones, mobile users are increasing rapidly. So, your video audiences are getting larger and larger. 

Nowadays, a very less amount of people watch videos on PCs compared to mobile phones. And the number is less when it comes to TV. This means videos are really sensitive content for mobile users. So, provide them with valuable content to acquire a credible seat for you in them. 

Videos are easily shared on Social Media

Consumers love to share whatever they like on social media, and the case is the same for video content. Sharing Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, or TikTok videos are current trends. You know how videos get viral nowadays, right? So, creating engaging, entertaining videos will bring you many views and shares on social media.

And you know the importance of Social sharing, right? How does it help to establish a brand? Social media is another powerful tool that allows us to convert general audiences into potential customers. So if you are popular on social media, you will have more brand visibility and attention.

All social media platforms are prioritizing video content for its popularity. So, use videos on various social media platforms to promote your brand, its service, or its products. 

Videos almost feed the customers 

Yes, videos almost feed the customers without letting them use their brains that much. As video content are easy to understand, they have the power even to engage lazy audiences. 

People nowadays find it hard to dig into long descriptions of products or services, so they prefer watching a video instead. They want a practical example, not only words and images. That’s why video marketing is an impactful marketing strategy currently.

Some Tips on Video Marketing

  • Invest in Video ads to get a broad audience because video ads work magically.
  • Incorporate videos in email marketing campaigns to stand out from your competitors.
  • Optimize videos for various platforms in the right way to reach maximum audiences.
  • Try live video streaming to engage audiences and build brand awareness.
  • Use more videos in the sales process because Video provides excellent ROI and speeds up sales.


It will be insane if you neglect video marketing at this time, as now you know how important video marketing is for your business. You may repent later for not taking measures at an early stage. So, take the initiative now and make the road for your progress using all sorts of marketing techniques. 

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