How to increase your LinkedIn engagement?

Whether you are in any profession or you own a business or even if you are a career-oriented student, you must have a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is the platform where you can get a suitable role as per your qualifications and interests or you can enhance your business and take it to new heights. In this blog, you will learn the essential steps, on how to increase engagement on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the world’s grand business network with 722 million clients as of January 2022. 25% of all American grown-ups use LinkedIn, and 22% of those utilize it each and every day. Despite the fact that it’s not the greatest organization, nor the one with the biggest reach, it actually has a grand worldwide crowd and gets started as the most trusted virtual entertainment stage in the game. LinkedIn can be an integral asset for brand building and lead age in both B2B and B2C digital marketing.

For any business to bloom, it is important to show it off on a particular platform. Let’s see how you can gain the audience’s attention by creating your Company Page on LinkedIn. 

Let LinkedIn help your business grow!

Follow certain steps to display your business and let it reach the targeted clients. 

Step 1 

Create your LinkedIn account 

If you are into business, you must have a LinkedIn account. But, if for some reason you don’t own a LinkedIn account, make one. It’s easy, you can sign up using your email account and set a new password for LinkedIn. We recommend you to use your professional or work account for the same, as you will create your business page under the same account. 

Step 2

Create a Company Page for business

After logging in to your account, click on the Work option available on the right corner of the LinkedIn page and at the bottom you will notice an option Create a Company Page, select it. 

Step 3

Once you choose to create a Company Page, you will be given four options as follows – 

  • Small business
  • Medium to large business
  • Showcase page
  • Educational institution

Choose the type of your business. After choosing the type of business, your next task is to fill in all the necessary details as asked by LinkedIn.

One important factor to consider while filling in the details is choosing an attractive logo and tagline for your Company Profile. Also, try not skipping this step as taglines and logos increase engagement. 

Step 4

Once completed, click on Create Page and there your Company Page is created. But, pause here, your task doesn’t end here. You need to customize and optimize your Business Page to gain an audience. So, let’s move on further. 

Step 5

A little scrolling will navigate you to the Edit Page option, and click on it. Fill in the details mentioned, for instance – an overview of your company, a description of who you are and what you do, how to reach out to you, etc. Now let’s see how you can make your Company Page an engaging one. 

Here are some tips – 

  • It’s obvious you want your business to be omnipresent and understood by all the people around the globe. For that, use the Translation option. With this option, a reader can read about you and your business in about 20 languages and a 90% chance is that his language will be there in those 20 languages. 
  • Make use of Hashtags (#). You can choose up to 3 hashtags for your business. This will allow the reader to know what you are dealing with. 
  • Also, for global reach, your Company Page should be displayed on Google. For that, make sure to use great and sound keywords in your company’s description. 
  • Add a branded cover image, this option can be used for promoting any of your recent launches. Remember to keep it short and simple. 
  • LinkedIn gives you the option to add some Custom Buttons as per your choice. For example, Contact us, Learn more, Sign up, etc. Add some of them if required. 

Step 6

Once done with all these formalities, it’s time for the LinkedIn crowd to know that you exist. Yes! Promote your page on LinkedIn. For that, press the Share Page button and let people have a look at your business. You should also link your Company Page to your personal page and ask your company members to shower love on the company’s new page by following and sharing it among themselves and friends.

Also, link your page with other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. And of course, do not forget to link it with your website. 

Asking employees to update their profiles by mentioning the page on their profile is a great way to spread the word about your page. You can also send invites to people to follow your page. 

Step 7

Your Company Page is made and is spread on LinkedIn. Next what? How to increase followers on the page. For that ask yourself –

  • What will you post on the page?
  • How often will you post? 
  • What content will be good for your page?
  • How will you be different from your competitors? 

8 best ways to increase your LinkedIn engagement 

  • Have a banner and profile image 

As discussed earlier, having a profile image and a banner for your Company Page can help you bring more engagement. Your profile picture is the primary thing individuals looking for your organization on LinkedIn will see, so establish a decent connection. The simplest way to decide about an image is the logo of your company. 

In the banner, you can be creative and write about the services and products you can offer to your prospective clients. 

  • Write only about yourself in the About us section

The About us section describes in brief who you are and what you do. Make sure you put every detail in a short manner and use keywords. Keywords will help you rank on Google. Use simple and short sentences and make them in a way so that people invest in your services. 

  • Regular posts

If you are truly willing to increase the engagement of your business, you should post on the Company Page on a regular basis. This will surely help the world to know about you and build engagement. 

You can post any trending news, articles, images or videos. Just make sure they are relevant ones. 

You can also share someone’s post that you feel will help to gain followers for your page. Make sure you give the credits.

  • Grow audience 

Between natural development and paid support and advertisements, there are a lot of chances to pull in a group of people for your LinkedIn company page. 

You can invite anyone from your 1st connections to follow your page. 

Use hashtags, tag your employees, ask your employees to re-share the post, and promote the post on every social media platform. 

  • Career Page

Many job searchers are bound to apply to an organization that puts forth a functioning attempt to advance its way of life on the web. 

LinkedIn offers Career Pages to soothe your demand and requirements by highlighting your company environment in its best ways among the users. But if you want to have career pages, you’ll have to pay a few bucks

  • Product Page

A company page always should offer some important information about the particular item or service you’re offering. Here, you can share a short overview of the products – their benefits and some special features. And you can take the help of various media files like images, slides, videos or audio to showcase your business. In addition, you can upload reviews of your customers, which creates trust among the audience to have your service. 

  • LinkedIn up-to-date Algorithm

To increase your LinkedIn engagement for business, you must keep an eye on algorithm updates. LinkedIn continually updates its algorithm to provide more relevant & engaging content to the audiences. Thereby, always Make sure that your page is up-to-date by all means since it’s a vital step for a successful page. Keep in mind – never lose any single chance to enhance your growth.

  • Virtual Events

LinkedIn has excellent virtual event promotion tools that help you make a native event landing page. It allows you to share any virtual events with your followers, and also you’ll have promotions with an amazing call-to-action feature. 

Another cool thing is that the attendees will receive a confirmation email and notification before attending the event through live stream. And after when the event ends you can see the live-stream highlights on the video tab of your company page.

Ways to increase your LinkedIn marketing

Now have a look at marketing tips for growing business on LinkedIn –

  • Optimize the posts

Applicability is more vital than recency on LinkedIn. Their algorithm aims to show users more of what they want to see and less of what they don’t. 

Always include an image, video, or SlideShare presentation. 

Keep your post short. 

Don’t forget to have a call to action. 

Use hashtags 

  • Learn from analytics on LinkedIn 

You can track your most engaging content till now, how people came to know about your page, and how many insights you got on each post. You can also see how your competitors are performing and overcome your weakness accordingly. All this will help you create better content for your Company Page and you will know what your followers and others are looking for. 

Final Thought

Hopefully, now you know how you can create your Company Page on LinkedIn and how you can increase your engagement and business using LinkedIn. You can observe the notches and start experimenting with how to increase engagement on LinkedIn for a better understanding. As we all know, Rome wasn’t built in a day, similarly, engagement won’t be increased in a day. This is a lengthy process. It requires your efforts, consistency, and patience. 


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