SEO on Google Maps: How to rank higher in 2022

Google Maps can generate massive traffic for your business. Therefore, you must adequately manage the SEO on Google Maps to achieve the desired goal. When you search for something based on a particular area, google shares some results from Maps.

For instance, suppose you’re searching for a “house cleaning service” on Google. It will show you various home cleaning service providers based on your locality. Here Google checks the location from where you search and then gives you the relevant results according to the keyword.

So now the question is – “How can we rank our business on Google Maps?” Well, it has many vital points to consider. And we’ve brought you the seven tips to get your business a higher SEO rank on Google Maps.

Why is a GMB profile important for SEO?

You must be wondering why GMB is essential for your business to rank. Well, frankly speaking, if you don’t have your Business profile on Google Maps listings, you’ll lose a lot of advantages that profitable businesses are getting. 

Google Business Listing directly allows you to manage your search result appearance. Moreover, it helps to provide relevant information about your business to the audience. 

A GMB profile gives you the following advantages:

  • Building authority of your business
  • Allowing Google better understand your business
  • Increasing traffic & sales
  • Reaching target audience
  • Earning trust from customers
  • Learning drawbacks to improve 

According to various research, around 80% of Google searches rely on the top three results on SERPs. And the GMB profile helps businesses to acquire that position very quickly. Hence, having a GMB profile for your business is a must needed.

1. Create your Google My Business profile

The first step to getting a higher rank on Google Maps is to have a Google My Business profile for your business. Without a Google Maps listing, your business will not be visible to the audience. You can skip this part if you already have a Google Maps listing.

Follow the steps to set up or update your business on Google Maps listings.

  • Open Google Maps on your smartphone or PC and search for your business.
Click — Add a missing place…
  • If the result shows your business name, you can go to the following tips. If the result doesn’t have your business, go to the drop-down option “add a missing place.”
  • You will be redirected to a window. Fill out the form with all the required details of your business.

Please note – Anyone can add a business on Google maps. Hence, you may find that your company already exists on the Business list though you haven’t done it yourself. However, there is nothing to worry about because if you are an actual business owner, you can get the authority by proving yourself.

2. Claim and complete the Google Maps business info

Once you’re done with listing your business on Google Maps, it’s time to make the business profile fully prepared. Listing your business on Google maps only makes it visible to the world. But, you must claim the location and business profile to get access to set up the profile. 

After claiming the profile, you can add images, business info, opening & closing hour, and many more. Okay, so now let’s see what you need to add to the business profile setup.

  • Business name & address: Make sure to add your business name correctly and the exact locations in your profile. It will allow your audience to get access to you.
  • Local phone no. : While filling up the form, add a local phone number, which means a number registered with your state or country telecom service provider.
  • Add website: If your business has a website, don’t forget to add this to your business profile on google maps.
  • Update working hours: Working or opening hours are significant to update. First, it gives your visitors an idea about the time and day to contact you.
  • Business categories: It is very important to update your business category because it allows your audience and Google to understand what your business is about. 
  • Business Description: A business description is equally important to fill out since it helps your visitors to understand your business. It also generates leads for your business.

3. Get Google reviews for your business

Public reviews play a vital role in gaining positive outcomes from your audience. Most internet users nowadays don’t believe brands or businesses so quickly. Instead, they try to get information from friends and family. And if they have no one to inform anything about your business, they’ll indeed look for your customers’ reviews. 

Therefore, you must mine the review in your google business profile. Always remember that getting better reviews and rating stars will get more audience and customers than your competitors. 

In addition, Google also looks at profile reviews and ratings. And based on that, it ranks your business profile in the search results on SERPs.

4. Embedded Google Maps on your website

Share profile

You can embed your business location in the website, contact, or about page to get better SEO on Google Maps. This method has proven results in achieving better traffic. Moreover, if someone directly gets into your website, he/she can find out the exact locations of your business using Google Maps.

Copy HTML code

Now let’s see how you can embed Google Maps on your webpage. First, open your business location on Map, then click on the share button. Then click on “Embed a map,” copy the HTML code and paste it onto the contact page of your website.

5. Optimize your website for Local SEO

Google Maps ranks a business profile based on its local SEO performance too. Therefore, you must focus on improving your local SEO. All right now, let’s see how you can improve your local SEO for better map ranking.

  • Local keywords: While optimizing your website, use local keywords in your content. You can find these keywords from keyword research tools like Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Semrush, and others.  
  • Local business schema: Schema enables google to understand your content better. And the local schemas help Google crawl and index your content based on local keywords and location.
  • Local Backlinks: Local Backlinks are necessary to improve a website’s DA rank. You should secure links from relevant businesses, partners, or service organizations. Usually, these links are “follow” links. However, some sources may charge for inclusion.

6. Optimize your website for all devices

Ranking your business on Google Maps requires your website to be responsive. Since most users access Google Maps on mobile phones, your site has to be well-optimized for mobile devices. This is because your website link is connected to your Google business profile. 

If your audience finds that the website is taking much time to open, they may leave bad reviews on your profile. Therefore, make sure your website is fully optimized for all devices.

7. Post regularly

This method is also very useful for getting a higher rank on Google Maps. Like social media, you can publish regular posts on your Google Maps business listing. In addition, you can share texts, images, offers, new events, and many more with external links to redirect your website. 

Regular posting allows Google to understand that your business is active and needs to get a better rank. In addition, your audiences get in touch with your regular events, offers, and business profile.


Enlisting your business or company profile on Google Maps undoubtedly has many advantages. Not only does it improve your SEO rank, but it also ensures a good relationship with your customers.

Building a GMB profile is easy, but you must keep upgrading the profile as the changes occur in your business. Moreover, publish regular posts with offers, events, and so on to let your customers be aware of the business. 

If you follow the above tips properly, be assured that your business is going to get desired results soon. 

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