WordPress Website Cost in 2022

Do you know what a WordPress website will cost in 2022? If you are in the content writing industry, you must have heard or known about WordPress development. The amount you want to spend on creating a website on WordPress depends on your budget and objective of making the same. 

But before knowing how much it costs to have a WordPress Website, we must understand the need to create a website. 

In this blog, I will discuss the edges of having a WordPress Website. Also, I will consider the cost or expenditure you will have to bear for your website. So, let’s get started. 

Why Do You Need a WordPress Website? 

Before talking about the WordPress Website cost, we must know why we need to have one. Let’s elaborate on a few primary reasons to have a WordPress Website. 

SEO support

Search Engine Optimization is a great way to bring organic traffic to your website. WordPress is equipped with SEO tools that help you know how SEO-friendly your content is. These tools will point out your shortcomings and will guide you to make your website more optimized. 


Creating a website on WordPress is safe and secure. It offers you a feature to protect your content with a password. One thing to remember is that you should have an updated version of WordPress to keep your files and website secure. 

Cost Worthy

WordPress being an open-source platform, is free to use for elementary content. For a website, you might need to invest some money in premium plans, but they are available at affordable prices. After all, spending some money for better results is generally a good investment. 

Home For Multiple Languages

Creating a website on WordPress is beneficial because it is a house of more than 100 languages. So, if you are willing to create a website in any language other than English, maybe in your regional language, you can do it easily with the help of WordPress. 

We know that creating a website in WordPress needs some cost. Let us discuss the areas where we need to invest our money. 

Components Requiring Investment 

Four components require investment to enhance your WordPress Website. They are as follows – 

  • Domain Name

A Domain Name is the address of your website; users type this Domain Name to reach your website. You need to buy the Domain Name if you want your website to be genuine. There are many platforms, like GoDaddy, Google Domain, etc., from where you can buy a domain.

  • WordPress Host

If you do not want to outsource a host for your website, you need a WordPress Host to store all your files. You can choose the hosting plan according to your requirement and budget. You can buy hostings from Bluehost, Hostinger, and other platforms.

  • Plugins 

Plugins are the extensions for your website. There are several plugins available in WordPress for free. Still, if you want to buy some, you can do that. 

  • Design Templates

Templates make everything look fancy and eye-catching, isn’t it? WordPress has many free design templates for you to make your website attractive. By paying a small amount, you can buy premium templates too. 

Now, let’s talk about WordPress Website cost. The expenditure on building a WordPress Website is as per the components discussed. 

Cost Diversification of WordPress

How much you want to spend on WordPress depends on what your pocket allows. Let’s see how much it will cost you to develop a website on WordPress. 

1. Cost of Domain Name 

A Domain Name is crucial for any website. The cost of purchasing a Domain Name is not too much. A Domain Name will cost you around $0.95- $12 per month

2. Cost of WordPress Host

When it comes to a Web Host, you can choose from two different options. One is Shared Web Hosting, and the other is Dedicated Web Hosting. 

Shared Web Hosting will cost you less, but it is not an advised option. 

On the other hand, Dedicated Web Hosting will want you to spend more money, but you can work independently. 

So, the cost of a WordPress Host will depend on which type of web hosting you choose. Usually, the cost can range from $24 to $10,000 yearly.

3. Cost of Plugins

As discussed, plugins are essential for your WordPress Website because they add functionality and make it look more professional. 

In some cases, you have to pay for plugins yearly, while in other cases, you have to make payments on a one-time basis.

The cost of plugins can go up to $1000

4. Cost of Design Templates

With templates, you can personalize your website the way you want. The cost of having premium templates for your website can be up to $200 per template

5. Other Costs 

The other two components which incur costs are mentioned here. 

  • Storage 

Your content decides how much space you want. If you are only into blogs, you might not need much space. But, if you are willing to develop a full-fledged website, you will require more space. 

There is no fixed cost for storage because it all depends on what type of work you do. Still, you can be charged up to $650 yearly for storage. 

  • Security

Traffic will only come to your website if people will feel safe and secure while browsing your website. For this, you’ll need an SSL Certificate. SSL is a Secure Sockets Layer. It is a digital certificate for ascertaining a website’s uniqueness and promoting an encrypted connection.

An SSL Certificate can cost you $50 – $500

The Average Cost of a WordPress Website in 2022

Designing a website on WordPress will not cost the same for everyone. This is because people are indulged in different businesses and hence will have unique websites. But, on average, the expenditure can range from $75 to $115,000

Maintenance Cost of WordPress Website 

  • If you are outsourcing a freelancer to maintain your website, it might cost you $50 to $100 per hour
  • If you hire an agency for the same, the amount can be $120 to $450 per month
  • The best is to go for in-house maintenance because that will cost you the least. The expense can be up to $25 per month, or sometimes it might not cost you a single penny. 

Cost Based on Business Type 

The cost of developing a WordPress Website also depends on the type of business you trade in. 

  • For Small businesses, the cost might be $300 – $700 per year.
  • If you have an E-commerce business, the charges will vary from $1000 to $3000 per year.
  • For a Mid-sized business, website development will be about $2000 – $5000 per year.
  • For an Enterprise, you might have to invest between $5000 to $15,000 per year. 

Final words

So, we have seen that the cost of designing a website differs from business to business. Also, it depends on various other factors, as stated earlier. Building a website on WordPress might cost you some dollars, but if you look at the bright side, it is an investment. 

I hope you got an overview of expenditure on creating a WordPress Website. Stay tuned with us to read more such informational blogs. 

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