How to improve local SEO in 2023 

By now, you must have understood the importance of local SEO and how it can help your business grow locally and rapidly.  And there could be no better time than now to improve your local SEO to stand first among your competitors. Right?

Yes, local SEO can spread your business fast around your locality by playing a significant part in Search Engine Results. And to help you with local SEO-improving techniques, here’s our blog. So, let’s learn about all the tactics first and then apply them most appropriately –

Before getting to the methods of improving local SEO, it’s better to remind again what local SEO is and its importance briefly. So here we go:

What is Local SEO? 

Local SEO basically means optimizing your business online for local marketing and ranking top on local search results. This tactic helps local customers and businesses reach one another quickly. 

Compared to global SEO, local SEO is much more efficient in getting potential customers. While national SEO helps to reach potential audiences. Therefore, local SEO is crucial for businesses that run in particular regions. 

Importance of Local SEO

  • Local SEO is very powerful for local businesses as Google and its local audiences are constantly looking for regional information and reach.
  • For a non-optimized local business, this internet era could be of no use since people nowadays mostly search for their needs online first. And as a result, you could lose a lot of potential customers.
  • Most of all, local SEO tactics help you position your business products and services in front of your customers to reach you instantly.

Local SEO is very important for a business to do well in any region and even to rank top on SERPs. So contact us anytime for help with local SEO or any other SEO. We at Digi Marketing Tech offer outstanding digital marketing services at a very reasonable and affordable price. We are always here to help you.

How to improve local SEO in 2023

Here are the best effective ways to improve your local SEO in 2023- 

1. Enlist your business in Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is the most efficient tool to reach your local customers. An up-to-date GMB profile also helps to rank higher in Google Maps and Search Results. Here you can share the most recent updates about your services or products and get maximum visibility over the web, especially locally.

To optimize your business for GMB, first, you need to create a Google My Business account. Then go through the required processes by providing accurate information. After you are done with the account creation process, your business profile will appear in Google Search local Results and Google Maps. 

After creating the account, you need to optimize the GMB profile. To optimize your profile, keep all the information up to date. Encourage your customer for reviews and respond to them sincerely. Finally, connect your GMB profile to your social media accounts, share the profile, and add posts. 

Here’s our blog to optimize your Google My Business profile in the best way.  

2. Engage with your customers  

Engaging with your customers is very important not only to hold a good rank and reputation for your services but also to get more buyers. So, ask your customers to write reviews of their experiences with your services or products. Then, consider their feedback and respond to them immediately.

Remember, reviews are essential for local SEO because the audience believes online reviews to purchase. This means reviews work as a true witness of your services for the majority of the customers. Therefore, always revert to your customers professionally whenever you get a review, clear their doubts, answering their queries.  

If possible, participate in local community programs. For example, collaborate with local organizations by sponsoring or appearing in campaigns. This way, you earn a lot of engagement from local pupils and media attention.

3. Be consistent about updating online directories

To help local people and search engines find you, ensure your name, address, and phone number are accurate and accessible in all online directories. You can also add your website link and a short business description. But remember, while entering all these details, do not write misspellings or wrong phone numbers.

Always be cautious about updating information cause if Google finds any misinterpretation, it may not show your business in search results. Also, avoid adding all the information within an image since crawlers understand HTML texts better than images.\

4. Focus on local content

Local content is one of the most helpful resources to grab the attention of local audiences. There’s no better engaging way than posting content related to the local audiences to attract them. 

So, write blogs about your local events. Feature your local initiatives on your posts to support your business locally. Moreover, set up your web pages with content according to the specific location if you serve in more than one region. This will help you connect with your local customers.

Here’s our blog to make quality content according to Google. Check it out to make your content engaging.

5. Carefully optimize page URLs, title tags, keywords, meta descriptions, and headers

While writing content for local audiences, use local keywords. And also, use high-volume keywords in the URL, meta description, title, and header to optimize the content for Google and other search engines. To make the content trustworthy, you can also add local testimonials of happy customers.

To figure out the right keywords for your location, use Google’s Keyword Planner or any other keyword-searching tool. Using such tools, you will get knowledge of the most searched terms, and then you can work on the keywords easily. 

Additionally, it would be great if you could write and optimize the content for voice searches. This will help you to answer your audience’s queries quickly.

6. Consider a mobile-friendly website

Most local, national, and international online searches are done using mobile phones.  While people mostly search local keywords to get into a place (office or store, etc.) soon. Hence, it’s essential to keep a website mobile-friendly to improve local seo. 

Your mobile-friendly site will help your audiences find you easily through the directions to your place and contact information without any hassle. But while optimizing your site for mobile, make sure your website operates smoothly and instantly.

7. Focus on quality inbound links

Inbound links make a website valuable and strong. For local or other SEO, inbound links significantly raise the domain authority. They also make the site appealing to search engines. 

But keep in mind the quality of the links matters. To get high-quality backlinks, you should create valuable content. Do guest blogging on reputable domains. Build relationships with local social medial influencers to get them by your side. And post quality content regularly on your site and social media to attract links to your website.

However, keep in mind not only external links; but internal links are also important. They help to navigate through a website making it more authentic. Here’s how you can do internal linking for better SEO.

8. Make a page for your location

Your website must have a page providing contact information related to your business. Only one “About Us” page is enough for a single-location business. But, if you run a business in more than one place, you should consider making location pages for each location. 

The pages should have your address, phone number, name, working hours, and a short description of the business too. You can also professionally add a point, “ Why Choose Us,” on this page.

9. Make pages about each service you provide

It’s juggling to sort all the information on one page about the services you provide. So, it’s much better and more relaxing if you add pages for each specific service you offer. 

If you sell products, differentiate them on various pages according to their type. About adding product lists, you can choose similar types on one page.

For local SEO, making pages for each service and lists of the same product types helps greatly. Since most of the local customer search for services or products with buying intentions.

10. Once in a while, do a local SEO audit

After applying all the local SEO tactics, you should perform a local SEO audit once in a while. Since SEO is an ongoing process due to the search engines’ ever-changing algorithms, you shouldn’t stop. Instead, you should always check what you’ve been doing and the current position of your website. You should also research how to improve your shortcomings and do better.

Do Google My Business audit, Google Search Console audit, On-page SEO audit, and citation audit mainly. Also, do an analysis of how your competitors are doing and how your approach should be concerning that.


With search engines’ ever-changing algorithms, local SEO with other SEO techniques is becoming more and more important.  This means you must know all the strategies to improve local SEO your website for better SERPs ranking. 

So, learn and apply the strategies mentioned above to do the best for your website to rank on top. And hopefully, enjoy a lot of attention from local audiences who would love to purchase your services or products.

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